About Us

a1When I first arrived Bangkok in 1995 to join my uncle, Jeb ,who was already a gem stone trader, I had no clue I was going to fall in love.

I truly fell in love with the beauty & purity of natural gem stones.

Today, almost 20 years from those days, I am still dazzled with what nature has to offer.

The most precious items on the planet, with the least human interference.

I am delightful that for the past 20 years, my self and my team have had the honor to serve you and share with you the best of the best… We adore every single piece that we pass to you…

Whether i meet you often or once in a couple of years, the satisfaction & confidence in your face, gives me the energy and drive for my next 20 years…

What we share with you is as pure as Unheated Gems..Its our commitment to you & Quality.a2

Kourosh Sadeghi

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